How to cover up Disadvantages of winter travelling for your skin

Here are some of my tips and general instructions to help on how protect skin when you travel in winter:

  1. Using a moisturizer

The application of moisture to dry air is extremely beneficial for your skin and you don’t even have to use a moisturizer. By simmering water over your stove, you can add moisture to the air. Hanging damp towels on a door handle is a perfect idea for travelers.

  1. Sunscreen

Sunscreen appears to be less of a priority in winter but the skin is often sensitive to the sun’s harmful effects. In reality, add the sun’s glare, and increasing its potential to harm. Try to use sunscreen!

  1. Moisturize regularly

I’m sure everyone feels this is a answer to their winter prayers-and you ‘re right. You just need to be conscious, however, of the moisturizers that you use. Look for oils that are non-clogging, such as coconut, avocado or almond. Another good idea for a product is a strong lotion containing some natural waxes, because wax will provide the skin with a protective layer that will help to maintain more moisture.

  1. Overlay

To be successful with any moisturizer you need skin that will absorb it. It is time to eliminate the more prevalent dead skin cells due to the drying effects of winter weather.

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  1. Allow Hot Baths and Showers (gasp):

Without doubt it will, hot water will dehydrate the skin. I HAVE to say this because I’m a kind of hot shower and a very hot gal bath. It’s true that I’m never going to give up on these so I make sure to add oils to my bath and massage oils to my skin while I’m showering.

  1. Hydrogen

We have been thinking about hydrating your breath, now is the time to hydrate your body. You hear it often but during the winter it is even more relevant. Drink it up-that is water. Another perfect way to hydrate the skin during the winter is to spray it regularly with hydration mists, or even snow.