hair fall

How to protect your hair from loss while travelling

Hair loss is a common affliction. Billions of people worldwide are suffering from this problem. It is not a very serious issue, but it can still be distressing to the suffering person. You need to learn the root cause of this as you take action to avoid hair loss. There can be many explanations for this and two clinics or doctors can never agree on one and the same cause. Let’s think about how to protect your hair from loss while travelling and remedies for hair loss.

Reasons of hair fall

Genetic factors, internal illness, certain types of injuries, side effects from drugs, nervous disorder and radiation are some of the common causes behind this problem. Each of these factors contributes to the issue, and opportunities for hair loss increases when two or more factors combine. A new research has also confirmed that the gene SOX 21 is responsible for man’s full baldness.

It is true that it is very natural to fall by 100 strands a day. But if that number exceeds or the number of hairs to replace them is lower, then therapeutic care is needed. Therapies, creams and lotions are also successful but they have their own side effects because they are typically made from harsh chemicals.

Hence the use of natural or herbal products is one of the tips to stop hair loss when you travel. They affect your hair in a milder way and prevent further loss. But you need to follow a regime that starts with a healthy dietary habit for long term benefits. Like the rest of our body, hair needs nutrition too. Minerals such as silica avoid hair loss and allow them to regrow. Foods such as cucumber, red pepper and potatoes are abundant sources of silica.

travelIron deficiency can cause hair loss, too. Modified stems and roots make iron supplements ideal for support. Stop salty, greasy foods. In addition to these, natural treatment is needed. Massage of warm oil accompanied by towel soaked in hot water wrapped around the head guarantees blood circulation in the scalp. Following that would be washing the hair with a gentle shampoo.

Caring well for your hair. Keep the scalp clean with a good shampoo. A good massage of the scalp with herbal oils such as olive oil, jojoba oil or coconut oil may stimulate the scalp to improve circulation.

When the aforementioned methods fail to prevent hair loss, go to a specialist for a physical test. Loss of hair can be attributed to depression or other disease you can’t remember. You will overcome the disease with proper medication, as well as its symptoms.