Cute nail art ideas for summer holiday

Designer nails can also make you look sleek and fashionable. Nail art is one way of making your nails look very good and allowing you to play with as many designs as the events and seasons demand. Nail art is best done by a professional but you can try the simpler ones at home with your friends, too. Even complex designs can be built with ease, as you get better with the designs and unleash your imagination.

Nail art has emerged as one of the most popular nail beautifying ideas amongst teens today. To get the new feel, we stop at nothing, and use nail art to convey their ideas. Nail painting is a hot favorite with colorful stones, stamps, beads. Nail art ideas for summer is also used to create a unique look and draw much attention to it.

summer holiday nail design

The type, color and design that you’ve chosen to beautify your nails can vary depending on season, occasion or even mood. Free hand designs are highly sought after, because they are easy to build without too much spending on your own. However, if you want to go in for the more elaborate designs you can go for a French manicure with gel nail paint.

Some cool summer holiday nail design can be using white or red nail polish and then decorating your nails with candy canes, bells, holly leaves, tiny Christmas trees, or even a little santa with toothpick. To make them look glamorous and festive, you can apply glitter to your nails too.

Winter calls for the nails to have a shiny metallic finish, and then paint snowflakes with white nail polish. You can use black varnish as a base coat when it’s Halloween and then render skull figures, Jack o Lantern, ghosts and other Halloween figures.

If you think your outfit goes great with animal prints, you can go for the Tiger, Dalmatian, or Zebra designs. A white nail base with suitable stripes or dots of color to reflect the animal and you’re finished with your look.

Marine nail art will really make you look amazing. Blue base paint with transparent varnish can give a sea-like appearance. You can use different colors for the fish, and some green paint for the weeds. Sea horses and dolphins look very good too.

Nature can be very beautifully portrayed on your nails too. Flowers of different hues can be played with in all shades of dark and light, and never go out of style. Nail art flowers can be paired up with any outfit and taken away with ease if off.