hair sun protection

How I can protect my hair from sun damage

Dyed and darkened hair, which is exposed to the sun, is particularly vulnerable to damage. The UV rays kill the hair strands cells and film, and the hair becomes brittle and dried out.

It has to shield the hair that will be exposed to the light. It is recommended that items that contain sunscreens and Shea butter and that moisturize the hair and protect hair from sun damage.

The sunflower oil is used as a sun filter in the newer hair care products. These products also contain jojoba wax which provides and protects the hair with a protective coating.

Just hang onto the hat! The easiest way to shield your hair from the rays of the Sun is to block sun exposure. Whether you want to put on a baseball cap or some other, most hats give 100 percent protection against the rays of the sun. If portions of your hair hang out of your hat, of course, you’ll want to cover that in other ways!

Shampoos & Conditioners to UV defense

Although I believe the idea of SPF shampoos and conditioners is pretty cool, in fact they ‘re just not the best choice. Anything you rinse off your hair can’t leave enough SPF behind to shield your hair from the sun.

Do not forget these final tips for hair sun protection:

Half the battle to shield your hair from the sun takes place when you are not even in the light!

— Do not forget to use a clarifying shampoo once a week if you are using a UV defense on your hair. SPF builds up on the shaft of your hair.

— Use full-strength SPF directly on the scalp where you get your hair cut off. Direct exposure to the sun by the scalp in this way will burn and peel! Hit the sunscreen on your ears too!

UV defense

— Frequent, intense conditioning treatments help to reduce sun damage. Since the sun breaks down the protein of the hair (keratin) its essential to use a protein or keratin therapy for deep conditioning.

Yet scalp treatment is the most effective and natural way of protecting hair from the sun’s harmful rays. It improves the supply of blood to the scalp, thus helping the passive follicles to produce new growth. Traditionally this is done manually but even digital massagers are available today that can be used once in a while. A strong water or some hair oil treatment will help you recover minor problems and is an ideal solution.