Keeping your hair healthy while travelling

All of us likes to have vivid, clean and beautiful hair, and most of us don’t hesitate to spend lots of money in luxurious hair care beauty salons. However, eating the right food and easy hair care tips can keep your hair truly healthy. The diet that contains the right proportion of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins, fibers and at least 8 to 10 glasses of water is necessary for our body to be able to dispose of its toxic properly to have safe and strong hair.

Wrong hair food

hair careWe know antioxidant vitamins are important for our health but they are also required by our scalp and normal hair to maintain their health. Those who are worried about their hair’s health should eat plenty of citrus fruits such as kiwi, pineapple, orange or strawberry plus onions, green pepper and red peppers and also take additional food supplements. Vitamin A, C and E are incredibly healthy for your hair so boost your intake as much as you can. If you have vitamin C deficiency, you may be facing the issue of vigorous hair dropping and dandruff. Having the right amount of these nutrients ingested by you is an incredibly important part of your hair treatment. Through vitamin C hair care, you can combat hair loss and cure the issue of dandruff yourself as well as preserving the natural color of your hair. This way you will avoid your hair graying early. When you have oily hair stop eating too much fried food.

When flying, hair care

It becomes harder to have healthy hair while travelling particularly when you have to face different weather and environmental conditions. Keep all necessary hair care products and beauty equipment with you to counter such challenging situation.

Air travel is required to be careful when carrying with them various types of hair products, because they are not permitted to carry anything on the aircraft and also to prevent needless hassles.

Chlorine avoidance

The best way to avoid the adverse effect of chlorine on your hair is to try and lessen the exposure of your hair both in the pool and in the shower. Protect your hair with a hair conditioner before hitting the pool or you should wear a swimming cap to reduce your hair’s absorption of chlorine.

The travel hair care tips starts with shampooing your hair properly with a mild shampoo or one that contains natural ingredient. Washing your hair with a chemical shampoo will damage your hair and scalp, and lead to hair plus thinning making it sluggish and rough.