How to deal with seawater and sea salt on your hair

If you’re a regular swimmer or love to beat the heat by visiting the sea, then this article is definitely for you.

Yes we all know that water clean chlorine is used to keep the sea or swimming pools, this kills the dangerous bacteria and germs which can make you sick, but here’s one more thing you should know about, chlorine may be good for everything, but not for your hair.

Effect of seawater and sea salt on your hair are:

  • Dehydrate and snatch all natural oil and scalp safety ingredients
  • Also can de-color your hair and fall off

How to protect your hair from water in chlorine before using a swimming pool:

Hair conditioning:

Before you enter the sea apply really good conditioner or coconut oil to generate a protective barrier for your hair, this will lower the amount of chlorine absorption.


Take a dip

Take a good shower and get your hair as damp as you can before entering the sea, since dry hairs behave like a sponge and they will absorb a large amount of chlorine which will hurt your scalp. The amount of chlorine absorption would be decreased by dashing before joining the water.

Wear one hat

Swimming caps are made of rubber, latex or lycra, they are the best protective head gears for swimming because they reduce the amount of water and chlorine that your hair absorbs.

How to protect hair from seawater

protect your hair

Although the above tips should mitigate the chlorine hair damage before entering the pool, you can go one step further with the aftercare swimming tips to further reduce chlorine hair damage.

  • Use a nice fuzzy towel and wrap it around your hair to soak extra water in your hair before it is washed.
  • Let your hair dry a little and then use a good conditioner to straighten your hair, reducing hair tangling and hair breakdown.
  • Do not leave the conditioner for long after your hair has been conditioned, as it can make your hair look greasier, but instead use a cotton t-shit or thin towel to soak the conditioner off your hair.
  • Test your scalp; use mild oil to give a gentle massage to your scalp, this will help you return your scalp back to normal.
  • If you believe your hair is too damaged, the best way to contact your hair stylist will be to access your hair and give you proper treatment to further that the damage.